PUBG Tips and Trick: PUBG Tips and Trick: How to survive and win PUBG game?PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds – or PUBG as fans know it – is finally available on mobile. PC, Xbox One, and now Android and iOS Smash Hit may have lost some ground from the epic game ‘Fortnight’ in the ‘Great War Royal War’, but on the Android in the Sandbox Kill Fest Play Store Top Games Reigns Millions of downloads.For newcomers to the game, the first thing you need to know is that PUBG is about to survive unless it’s free for 100 people or somehow as a team until a bitter end. Stay Yet whether you’re the type of player who likes to hold the best weapons and you can find all the guns, or you style more stealthily, there are some gameplay basics that will help everyone entering the battlefield. Apply to the person.In this guide, you’ll find some essential PUBG mobile tips and tricks that will keep you ahead of the pack and help you with these sweet, savory chicken dinners.Best Tips and Tricks for PUBG mobile:Looting in PUBG Mobile:You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Make quick decisions and don’t spend too much time picking things up. It is best to move on later in the game, grabbing objects. If you have enemies in your area, get a gun and some protection quickly. Ammunition:Ammunition can be difficult to manage. Pick up all kinds of ammunition in the first few minutes of the game, until you find a good set of weapons that you are satisfied with. You should leave any unnecessary ammunition in your bag to make room for other items. We also recommend that you mark the weapon you have left behind, if your partner finds it useful. You keep an eye on the amount of ammunition and keep returning to the enemy’s boxes as you progress in the game. Also, make sure you keep reloading your gun to avoid delays between fights.Share resources:It’s a good habit to share your loot with teammates. There is no point in hoarding if you have no benefit, but transfer it to someone who really needs it. Mark objects on the ground and let your colleagues know about them, especially if you find extra ammunition, scope or healing.Use best graphic settings:PUBG Mobile is a resourceful game. Most flagship phones and tablets offer you top notch graphics. We recommend that you adjust your settings and have the maximum frame rate available for your device. Currently, 90fps is the highest setting that makes gameplay quite fluid. Of course, you’ll need a phone or tablet that comes with a 90Hz refresh rate display or higher. Fast frame rate also means that the game will respond to your commands faster. Keep your Maps:Although most PUBG mobile maps are more familiar to PUBG fans, it is important to learn the weapons and item spawn on each map in order to maximize your chances of winning. This will not only affect your landing location, but also where you should move as the match progresses.Knowing your own maps is even more important now that Miramar, Sanhok, and the newly added snow maps Weekend have all been added to the game. In the case of Weekend, the map includes some extras, such as Snow Mobile.You’ll learn the best places to hide while playing, but you can quickly learn by limiting the maps in the pool and deselecting them before the match starts. Do this and you will become an expert at any time.PUBG Third person view:We can’t put too much emphasis on it, but use the third person’s point of view to your advantage. Do not rush to attack your opponents, instead wait for them behind the wall and let them come closer to you. Attack your enemies when they are weakest and unaware of your position. Here’s how to put one together for use with your third-person approach. But once you have the right idea, you will have the confidence to perform the clutch and finish a complete squad on your own. Voice command preset on PUBG mobile:If you are playing as a pair or squad, you need to actively communicate with your teammates. The game comes with preloaded voice commands that you can quickly access to make it easier to communicate. Some of these commands also come with the ability to leave a marker. This makes it easier for other players on your team to locate enemies, vehicles, loot, and more. How to run fast in PUBG mobile?The best way to run fast is to keep your weapons away. You can also use some boosters such as pain killers or energy drinks to increase your speed.Red and Blue zone in PUBG:The red zone is a random area on the map and should be avoided at all costs. Cover the area until it is clear, otherwise you could be blown up by bombs falling from the sky. As for the blue zone, the first two circles don’t hurt much, so don’t panic. These are the last few areas you need to worry about. Single fire mode in PUBG:There are some guns that can be used to fire a single shot or automatically. This means you need to constantly tap the fire button. This may sound painful now, but it can be helpful in some situations, especially if you have a DMR weapon or an M16A4.Auto pick in PUBG:PUBG offers the ability to pick up mobile automatic items. You can enable or disable this feature from the settings and even set the range of Ammo, Recovery Items, Throwables and Scoops. This can be really useful as it avoids lifting everything on the ground and saving important space in your bag. Gyroscope in PUBG:PUBG Mobile can use your phone’s gyroscope. It has a learning curve, but once you execute it, you’ll have better control over your target and gun recovery. You can fix this by going to Settings> Basic and then Settings> Sensitivity.

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